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What is Great Ork Gods anyway?
Great Ork Gods is a pen-and-paper roleplaying game, played in a shared imaginary world by a few friends round a table. You probably knew that already, if you didn’t it might be an idea to find another roleplaying game and try that first – Great Ork Gods is not intended as a introductory game.

What make Great Ork Gods special?

Great Ork Gods takes many of the standard ideas of roleplaying games and turns them on their head. Instead of the stats of your character sheet representing how good you are at stuff; they represent how bad you are at stuff. Instead of the GM choosing how hard things are to do; the players choose how hard things are to do. Instead of being expected to stick together and help each other out all the time; you’re expected to do your own thing and backstab your pals if it suits you (or if it’s funny).

Great Ork Gods is designed to be played by three to five players and a GM for a single evening over a few beers and some pretzels. You’ll spend time having fun and then go home. There’s no intention of anyone ever playing a campaign with it, there’s no levels, no xp, and no character advancement – hell, I’d be impressed if your character lives out the session.

Introducing the Great Ork Gods

There are seven Great Ork Gods, and they hate their children – each in it’s own way. If it weren’t for the Great Ork Gods, the Orks would rule the world – they’re tough, strong, savage and they breed like rabbits. But everytime an Ork does something there’s a decent chance the God in question will stick the boot in and mess things up for the Ork in question. The Gods are:

Slashings and Slayings (God of War)
Slashings and Slayings is the Ork God of War, in many ways he should be the Ork God who likes them the best but despise them he does. He controls any attacking or defending action. Want to swing a sword? Call on Slashings and Slayings. Want to use a bow? Do the same (but remember Slashings and Slayings hates a coward).
That Which Guards The Gate (God of Death)
That Which Guards The Gate rules over whether an Ork lives or dies. Whenever an Ork could die (Lost a fight? Fallen a goodly way? Drunk that poison? Set fire to yourself?) they fall into the icy grip of That Which Guards The Gate. Pray that it looks favourably upon thee.
Lying Tongue, Twisting Words (God of the Gab)
On rare occasions an Ork may find themselves forced to talk their way out of a situation, on these few occasions they look to the most un-ork-like Lying Tongue, Twisting Words.
Sneakings and Peekings (God of Stealth)
Want to creep past that guard? Want to hide in that bush? Want to listen in on that conversation? Then Sneakings and Peekings is the God for you! Appeal to his better side and you might just get lucky.
The Obscurer of Things (God of Artefacts)
Orks have difficulty with anything more complicated than a sword; but while a few have been known to stab with the wrong end of a spear, most can manage a door handle. A crossbow, or a door lock, or a pulley system or a rope, however, is pushing the boat out and it’s time to look to The Obscurer of Things for ‘guidance’.
Flailing of Limbs (Goddess of Movement)
Flailing of Limbs is responsible for any and all kinds of movement an Ork wishes to achieve. From running fast, to balancing on tight ropes to leaping a stream, she’s your God.
Lifting Stone, Pounding Rock (God of Strength)
To an Ork strength is second only to bloodshed. Big, strong Orks are envied and feared by small, weedy Orks. But in the crunch it is not down to the Ork’s oversized muscles, but to the whims of Lifting Stone, Pounding Rock.
Orks, Gods and players
In Great Ork Gods, the players not only control an Ork but also one or more of the Gods. As a God they get to craft the destiny of the other players by deciding how hard task in their domain(s) are, and (if they’re feeling evil) by spending Spite to put that extra bit of a boot in. But, be careful, because the best way to gain that Spite in the first place is by letting the other Orks win.

Sounds fantastic! Tell me more!

At least that’s what I’m hoping your thinking. If you are, you’ll just have to wait, the long awaited final release will be with you shortly.