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3/02/07 The artwork is finally in. A final release will be coming shortly.
07/06/04 Jason A. Petrasko has sent in a character sheet for Great Ork Gods, you can find it on the download page.
06/05/04 A new scenario is now ready for playtesting. E-mail me if you want to try it out.
07/03/04 A shiny new second playtest release is now available. You can get it from our download page.
You can find out about the changes here.
29/02/04 We now have a mailing list to keep you informed of new updates.
21/02/04 A clarifications and corrections document is now available from the download page, this also contains a new optional rule for dealing with Goblins.
19/02/04 Introducing a new look website (i.e. one that took more than five minutes to do).
There’s now an online preview to explain a bit about the game.
And I’ve setup a feedback forum, courtesy of Quick Topic.
Finally, a few folks have playtested Great Ork Gods now, and the response so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Yay!
16/02/04 I got some artwork through from my artwork, check it out in the gallery.
My webhosts have sorted out whatever the problem with the name was, and is now working.
13/02/04 The domain name has resolved, but only is working; not – very odd
11/02/04 We’re online! And the playtest release is now out. The domain name has not yet resolved though